Something Summer Something Something Gone EP

by Jason Renslow

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released January 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Jason Renslow Eugene, Oregon

singer song writer. Bands: Original Oregon Underground, The Junkyard All-Stars, Piece Corpse, Poisonous Demon Cobra, and International Werewolf Connection.

One song, Come on Over Let's Chant, was selected for the Human Revolution Songs of Freedom Mixtape, Vol 1. Influences include alt country, metal, punk, folk, rap, rock, indie, electronic.
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Track Name: Skies of Stars
Hair all summer, skin like swimming pools
you love me like the day after high school
girls like you dream from magazines
all smooth knees and eyes like headlight beams

Coffee shop napkins fill with poetry
you got a bike with a basket you can fill with leaves
to press in the pages of a hundred books
you covet on your shelf from your childhood

And, when you are done and you are old
someday your life will be filled with gold
until then you'd better play your guitar
paint your pictures, watch your skies fill with stars
why do you want to go waste your time with me?

All the skinny boys with the fancy toys
dream of lives where they can bring you joy
the way they smile and they glance your way
even though you won't give 'em the time of day

A mother's wish, better do what you're told
learn to love and learn to be bold
never be afraid to break a few hearts
never be afraid to make a fresh start
Track Name: Aces
There's a ghost in the way of all the progress I've made
just a give and take, just a sealed fate
And the joke it is on me, call it love, call it free
I must pay a fee for creativity

In my dreams I have seen boats with sails out at sea
come to carry me, far away it seems
from the hole that I dig with the choices I live
giving all I give, but the game is rigged

And all the places that we travel soon will fade to gray
And all the aces that your sleeves once held to aid, will be played

I didn't expect for you to change your plans when you knew I'd be over soon
And I didn't expect for you to get on up when I walked into the room

And like a movie scene, you know it's hard now to believe. Days can't be retrieved
And the joke, it is on me, some days it bothers me terribly, to live conditionally
Track Name: Laggard Eyes
If I had a song then I would sing to you
cruising on towards Bismark under a low hanging moon
listening to country, wishing for a classic rock tune
watching the miles tick away, I know we're gonna get there soon

I'll try to use these laggard eyes to lure yours into mine
when will I see you again? Can I wait til Christmas time?
Every day I wonder, is this the end of the line?
Keep telling myself, we're gonna be just fine
We'll be just fine, we'll be just fine

If I had the words that would sound good to you
I would stop off any place, I'd have nothing to lose
I would play that song, I wrote the day you cried
I can't make your life easier, but we'd be satisfied

So, I live the trust that will outweigh and outlast the lust
So, no matter what, I will choose right, gonna do what I must
Track Name: Unforgiveable
Reminiscing on all the good times we had
The ups and the downs, taking the good with the bad
The past is the past and I thought we'd both grow up
Ignoring the feelings held long in my guts

You became so unforgivable

Your actions, you don't seem to really understand
When you're giving into some kind of primal demand
Not all wounds can heal with the hands of time
Your memory has always been shorter than mine

You became unforgivable

Well, I shatter your world
When you feed your selfish means
you're just a girl
in a world no one sees
I hope you find
what it is that you seek
but I'll be gone
far away from the havoc you wreak

You became unforgivable