Lost In The Music

by Jason Renslow

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I recorded all these tracks in one-take format, in my house, with a digital recorder... just me, my guitar, and my song book. I like the natural reverb that different rooms can provide. Every song has at least a bit of truth, some more than others.


released March 19, 2014

Song Writing, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals: Jason Renslow

with this one exception...
track 13: Gabe Fetsko, Mary Payment, and Jason Renslow

Pictures and graphic design: Jolene Taylor



all rights reserved


Jason Renslow Eugene, Oregon

singer song writer. Bands: Original Oregon Underground, The Junkyard All-Stars, Piece Corpse, Poisonous Demon Cobra, and International Werewolf Connection.

One song, Come on Over Let's Chant, was selected for the Human Revolution Songs of Freedom Mixtape, Vol 1. Influences include alt country, metal, punk, folk, rap, rock, indie, electronic.
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Track Name: Not So Fast
Not So Fast
By: Jason M. Renslow

I wish it was warmer and not so damn late
Then who really knows what I would go and do
Instead I'm all sleepy and drained from the day
And, I'm stuck wishin' I had more time with you

So, you told me, you better slow down
not so fast
Let's make this moment last a little bit longer
not so fast, not so fast
I don't want us to be like this
I think it's wrong

No, not so tonight, I'm all out of gas
This was a blast, but now I just want a movie
The last two times we conversed about this
We both ended up mad so this is not so new to me
Track Name: The Loneliest Girl
The Loneliest Girl
By: Jason M. Renslow

The Loneliest Girl, how did you get so sad?
I would fall in love with you if you wanted me to
Instead you will sit at home, wishing you weren't so alone
You tell me I don't have a clue of how it feels to be blue
The loneliest girl, the loneliest girl I know
Amongst your treasures in those piles, the clock it ticks the hours away
staring up at the ceiling. try to ignore the feelings
of tears just below the eyes, it's the same thing every day

So, I play this song
And, I will think of you
That one lonely girl with the loneliness you choose

A few miles away on a stool in a bar
or working in a yard or playing a guitar
I'll never know the places you won't let me go
it's really not that far or all that hard to see
The loneliest girl lonely on a forever
gathering up your senses to give the bull**** one more try
Locked in on the goals you set to deviate would be uncouth
Write down in your daily notes your swearings and your never-dos
Track Name: A Few Moments With Robert Blake (Not The Actor) or Periphery
A Few Moments With Robert Blake (Not the Actor) or Periphery
By: Jason M. Renslow

Relaxing by the fire
conversation and song ensue
One man he is bold, another he's a bore
A woman she is glad, but had enough for today
One man's a father, the child she is sad
One man is quiet, his face I can not read

I can live out among the periphery
I can see what it is I see
Viewing the scene from the periphery
How to change what it is that disappoints me
(How to change what creates love in me)
(How to change what it is that satisfies me)

Where can I find Aberdeen?
I'll ask the man that's bold
Where should I go? What should I do?
If I had the guts you know, I'd play him a song
Instead he can sing, sing on about the rain
We'll call this moment Isabella, Isabella it's declared
Track Name: Beasty, Beastie, Beastee (Bee Sting)
Beasty, Beastie, Beastee (Bee Sting)
By: Jason M. Renslow

I can see you somewhere out there
sleepy easing off the edge of the bed
easy sleeping, easy sleeping
What I would do to do you instead

It's pretty easy
to get into it
you told me about it
but, I didn't believe you
pretty easy and cheesy
oh, never again
am I the "falling for you"

So, release me from the ground beneath me
In the shower in the back of your head
baby, baby what would you give to trade me?
All the tools you need are out in the shed
Track Name: Luck Is A One Trick Pony
Luck Is A One Trick Pony
By: Jason M. Renslow

Don't you bow to any man
But, sometimes obey the fear in your heart

Because luck is a one trick pony
And, I don't see what good it would do
If that luck were to run out too soon

Grisled down and waiting on a porch
Worn out from the pouring rain
Time is a funny thing, looking back
Burying all your burdens in the past

Piece together all those days gone come and gone
And, please make sure those letters get the fire
Praise me in all the ways you think I did right
Nobody will know the difference right or wrong
And, don't forget my people left out east
Make sure they have candy at Christmas time
when his trick is done you know it's done
oh, that pony
Track Name: An Untitled Song About A Girl
An Untitled Song About A Girl
By: Jason M. Renslow

Lift the fog of drugs and alcohol
Everything looks different in the daylight
Drive that short stretch through La Pine
You wanna love me, but not last night

Passing by all what you're looking at out the window
It's no big deal, but I wonder sometimes
Gray skies and woods for a hundred miles
What could it be that's on your mind

Now I wanna say to you...

While I'm alive I will be the one
To love you more than anybody
In the whole wide world
Oh, you lovely girl

Rolling fog across so many baseball fields
You can't seem to fall for me, no reason why
Talk to me of a hundred wounds never healed
Still I'll be the one on which you can rely

And, I'm gonna say to you...
Track Name: Notes
By: Jason M. Renslow

Coffee shops don't quite do you justice
But this place will do tonight if that's okay
Everybody gets up and down, they come and go
But you've got a glow and I can't look away

Somehow you've got me taking notes
I'm hangin' on to every word you say
I'm takin' notes so I won't forget
What it feels like to be here with you today

The blur, the fade in the periphery
All those places, faces, all those lives
All those cups, desserts, and coffee downed
The shape of your face is all I can see tonight

A double take of tired got me fading out
You're a-okay if you had any doubt
All of this seems to be the right amount
I mean you're a-okay, please have no doubts
Track Name: Lookin'
By: Jason M. Renslow

I'm not lookin' for anybody else
I'm not lookin' for you to change yourself
I'm just searchin' for a little brighter day
Wakin' up in the morning and know everything'll be okay

For the good times to outweigh the bad
For the happy times to overcome the sad

I'm not lookin' for somebody new
Nobody in this world could ever replace you
I'm just searchin' for a place to feel home
A place to come on back to wherever it is I roam
Track Name: Heartbreaking Kind
Heartbreaking Kind
By: Jason M. Renslow

How many songs can I write of the heartbreaking kind?
It's time to get in line because it's heartbreakin' time
I look in the mirror and I see just a simple dude
Why do I do what I do to get this heartbreak from you?

So, of all of the women
That will come and then go
From this life that I'm livin'
Well, you can stand out for sure
'cause of all of those women
I can't think of a time
when I've known one more driven
To become just the heartbreakin' kind

How many beers do I drink? While I walk to the brink
My lonely head on a pillow when I lay down to think
So, I'll toss and I'll turn while I hope and I yearn
That someday you'll be there and I won't be feelin' so burned
Track Name: Age 33
Age 33
By: Jason M. Renslow

Straighten up your collar, straighten up your hair
give a glance to the wall clock, make sure you got bus fare
Change in your pocket, about to walk out the door
When the telephone's ringin', an old voice from before

Sittin' down at the diner, ain't no big deal
Appreciate the decor, it's got that 70's feel
The eggs come out perfect, hash browns on the side
See the place where she'd sit, it was a hell-of-a ride

And when the sun goes down tonight
It's not like she will give a damn
And, no matter how it is you fight
In the end you're still just a man
And all those big old problems of the world
As much as they seem to get in the way
They'll never mean as much as that girl
The one that seems to have got away

Summer rolls into town the way it always does
Driving down old country roads kickin' up dust
Some things seem to last forever, some will fade away
Torn picture on the dashboard, this place'll never be the same
Track Name: Heart Busted Interstate (IHB)
Heart Busted Interstate (IHB)
By: Jason M. Renslow

She likes to pour her beer in two-liter bottles
Buys cards and forgets to send 'em, but she's trying to be more thoughtful
I drink instant coffee, I smoke American tobacco
Someday I will quit this, but it gets me where I go
She'll tell me that she's not the type who usually stops for hikers
She looks like she's the type who usually goes for bikers
For some reason she stopped for me, I can always wonder what she did see
I stepped up into that Chevy truck, the Bob Seger playing quietly

She says it's hard to believe in the human population
When we consider our own situations
And when you ride along that endless interstate
It's hard not to wonder if you believe in fate
And the ghosts of our pasts, well they're haunting the every mile
I see the glow of hope in her eyes meanwhile
In this broken, busted, burned out and beaten world

Somewhere down in Tennessee she left a broken heart
The expectations of that man meant they had to live apart
She put out the story as the miles gone and chipped away
And we'd share rooms in cheap motels when it came to the end of the day
All I mostly did was listen on stools in truck stop diners
Sometimes she'd stop and apologize, but I'd say that I didn't mind her
By the time we got to San Fran I was used to her on my arm
But, she left and said she never keeps in touch 'cause then the road would lose it's charm

Oh, it's hard to believe in the human population
When you consider your own situation
But when you ride along on that endless interstate
It's hard not to wonder if you believe in fate
And the ghosts of my past, well they're haunting the every mile
I remember the glow of hope in her eyes meanwhile
In this broken, busted, burned out and beaten world
Track Name: Damn You California
Damn You California
By: Jason M. Renslow

I've been sitting here in stoned oblivion
Watching Flight of the Conchords season two
All my mind wants to do
Is keep on wandering on over to you

I've been wandering just about every place I go
Then here you come, the lady I gotta know
Pretty thing, why don't you take me home?
Are we listening? Let's head down to the store

So, damn you California
Tonight I just wanna embrace you
And tell you, I love you, oh...

Push the couch up close to the computer screen
You slice up the bread, I'll slice up the cheese
Pillows and blankets, yes I think we'll do just fine
It's not forever, but tonight you're mine

So, damn you California
Tonight I just wanna erase you
And tell you, I think we're through